• Two-storey Czech restaurant with tank tank technology PILSNER URQUELL beer,

  • pizzeria and bakery in the center of Vrchlabi town.

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After 60 years, the restaurant Partyzán was restored to the restaurant that was originally used and was built for this purpose. During the First Republic, there was the pub “U Partyzána” (Guerrilla). People later used the house as a school during Socialist Czechoslovakia and shortly after the Velvet Revolution as a bank.

Why Guerrilla? Rumors claim that the restaurant owner was called to the German army and taken to Yugoslavia during World War II, where he deserted after some time and joined the Yugoslavian guerrillas.

Reconstructing the house into its original form with the entrance over the corner, as it was originally built, would be very complicated due to previous reconstructions, so we decided to base it on the reconstruction carried out by the bank in the early 1990s.

The last reconstruction was designed by architect Jitka Hofmeisterová, who did not have for her work the historical background as an interior photographs.  So she chose the modern way. In the interior we used classic materials such as larch wood, heat-rolled metal sheets that you can see in the lower bar or on the fireplace. We tried to make the interior simple but cozy at the same time.